Happy vs. Joy

Happy Holidays vs. Joy to the World.

Over the last few weeks I have seen and heard the words Happy Holidays a lot! It doesn't offend me. I'm not going to get sucked into that whole Merry Christmas vs. Seasons Greetings thing.

Here is the deal. Do I like to be happy? Of course I do. But let's get real here! Happy doesn't last forever. Happy is that new car you buy - until you make the first payment. Happy is the taste of your favorite Christmas dessert - until it is gone. Happy just doesn't last.

But Joy? That's different. I choose to have joy in my life. I choose to let God fill me with His presence so that I can live everyday for Him. His joy is with me when I am depressed. His joy is is there when life isn't fair. His joy makes me complete.

So do I expect the holidays to make me happy? No - that's foolish and expensive. I think I'll put my faith in Jesus instead - then I'll know what "Joy To The World" means.

P.S. - Candlelight Communion is tonight at 7 and 11 p.m. See you then!! Merry Christmas!!


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