A grateful Christmas

This Saturday is our Annual Christmas Eve service. It really is one of the highlights of the season for us. Each year I try to choose a theme for the service and this year it is - Gratitude.

What are you grateful for this Christmas Season. Family? Friends? Everything? Being grateful is a choice, it isn't automatic. Our choice will be challenged, and you have to choose to be grateful even while someone is being ungrateful. So what can you be grateful for this Christmas?

You are grateful for Jesus, without Him you couldn't experience the forgiveness of your sins.
Be grateful for the Holy Spirit who baptizes and empowers you to live your life everyday.
Be grateful for the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for your healing and needs of life.
Be grateful for His Word, the Bible, which gives you wisdom and encouragement in the midst of your storms.
Be grateful for prayer. You can talk to God and He will hear you.

There are 5 - what can you add?