God has a Bigger plan in mind for you.

Genesis 37 Joseph had a dream . . .

Ruling over his family wasn’t the goal - saving his family from starvation was. God had a plan to take care of the family. God wasn’t dismissing Ruben (the first born) from leading the family. He wasn’t displacing Jacob (the father) from being the patriarch of the tribe. The plan was to ..... well what was it?

Sometimes you will wonder just what God is up to? The whole Joseph, Egypt, prison, dream thing didn’t have to happen - if God would have prevented a famine from happening. A little rain and all of this wouldn’t have to happen.

How many times have you said - God if you would just . . . We’ve all done it - but do so without realizing that there is a greater plan in mind.

Hundreds of years later, the tribe of Jacob would turn into the nation of Israel. What God had planned for them would lead them to become a great nation. Greater than Egypt itself. Miracles would be apparent and the world would know the the God of Israel was the one and true God.

Whatever God is doing in your life today - understand that there is something even greater going on. Your assessment and even your solutions will probably work - but you have to trust that whatever God is doing is greater than what you are going through.