The End

Well today is the last day of our 30 day challenge. I am glad that you went on this journey with me. I have to be honest - some of the stuff I have been writing has challenged me too! We live in tough times and sometimes that requires some tough faith to face it with. If these 30 days have done anything for you - please let me know - drop me an email.

I believe that in 2012 I will do this again. Updating with new and fresh ideas on how you can get closer to God will be key. Also I would like to offer the D.I. (Discipleship Intensive), here at FFWC and online via Skype (for those who don’t live in this area or country). So keep watching for future announcements.

But for today - worship God - serve someone with the love the Jesus that is in your heart. Support your church and make a difference for Jesus today.

Check back tomorrow - I'm still blogging!!


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