Church Redefined

A lot has been said about how the church should be defined or redefined for the 21st Century. I don't that that will be a discussion that will ever quit, even if we make it to the 25th century.

But in a conversation that I had with a pastor friend of my in Tampa, Larry Shrodes, help me to redefine something for me.

He posted on Facebook, "Today leaders are not measured by having the biggest budget or the biggest programs. They are measured by having the biggest ideas." quote stolen from friend Russ Jones I gave him ample time to post it first!

I Twittered, "Huge budgets and numbers isn't what it's all about - Big Ideas is the new currency that builds churches today."

Both quotes are right, so let's boil it down. It isn't the church who feeds more people or raises more money for missions that is going to grow or get noticed. It is the church that has the biggest ideas. Imagination gets more recognition than perspiration.

What does this mean for you? It means you are going to have to take some risks. That means you are going to make some mistakes. That means that failure is now going to be an option (but don't make it a lifestyle). Think of ways to do things different.

This kind of thinking lets people do ministry with a new and better attitude. It is exciting and fun to be a part of. New ideas give hope where there was none and allows others to get in on what is going on. Jesus was a master at using His imagination. His parables were timeless. Using mud to heal a blind man. Brilliant. Being a friend to tax collectors and sinners. Revolutionary!

You don't have to have the biggest ministry - the biggest budget or the biggest program to grow a church. You have to have the biggest ideas - then let as many people in on what you are doing as possible. It is FUN!!


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