Barely Half of U.S. Adults Are Married - Pew Report

Barely Half of U.S. Adults Are Married – A Record Low

The Pew Research analysis also finds that the number of new marriages in the U.S. declined by 5% between 2009 and 2010, a sharp one-year drop ......

Some say economy - others say it's culture. Even The Pew Research Center survey, In a 2010, discovered that about four-in-ten Americans (39%) said they agree that marriage as an institution is becoming obsolete. Don't panic just yet, 47% of unmarried adults who agree that marriage is becoming obsolete say that they would like to wed.

Here are a few thoughts that you might want to consider.

#1 - The economy does have something to do with it. Either they can't afford a wedding or they just don't want to make a significant and expensive mistake. The other thing is, someone can still get their alimony and government support as long as they don't remarry.
#2 - Many adults today come from broken homes. That isn't their fault, but they don't want to repeat their parents mistakes. I don't know how many moms and/or dads say, "Save yourself the pain honey!! Don't get married!"
#3 - People who cohab run a significantly higher chance of getting a divorce if they get married later.

Bottom line is, marriage doesn't mean what it use to. It's up to us to boldly claim in the face of culture that marriage is a good thing, that it is God's will for ones life and as such brings his blessing on their relationship.