Talking To Yourself

In Ezekiel 37:1-14 we read in verse 4  .... “Prophesy to these bones... Weird isn’t it. Preaching to a bunch of dead bones. Actually, the preaching isn’t what is weird, it’s expecting them to do something. That’s what’s weird.

I have preached in a lot of graveyards. Graveside services are more common now than ever. I can’t help but think every time that I go to a cemetery that there are people buried there that wished they had listen to some good preaching about God and His plan of salvation. You cannot assume that everyone who dies goes to heaven.

But have you said anything to your dry bones? Those spiritually dead qualities about your life that you wished were alive? You know what they are, love, patience, joy, peace, contentment, hope and more? Many people come to church in search of these things and find them - but when they leave the building - it’s as if they walked right back into their desert. Why is that?

While they were at church, the pastor or minister for that day spoke life into their heart. But who is going to speak life into your heart the rest of the week? Listening to good Christian speakers and preachers is ok - but what about you? What do you say to your dry bones?

Take some authority in the name of Jesus and try to speak some joy into your life. How about hope or even some peace. You might think that these things can’t happen, but did you know that it is God’s will for you to receive what he has in store for you? So when you declare, by faith, that which God wants you to have. That faith moves heaven to earth on your behalf - and things will being to change.