Sunday Night Reflections from FFWC

This morning was awesome!! God really moved in peoples lives.

Didn't get to preach this morning.

Lives were changed and some futures too!

God really did tear down some spiritual strongholds in peoples lives. Some were released from abuse - some were delivered from intimidation. Others were delivered from fear.

The church, as a whole I feel, really turned an important corner today. When the Holy Spirit has the freedom to move like He did - then something good is happening!

Satan isn't going to win - he has already lost.

Some people might want to go to church to hear what they want to hear - but I prefer to go to a church where God gets to do what He wants to do.

The youth came back FIRED UP from the Fusion Conference. They want to raise $5,000 for Speed the Light next year. Cool!!!


Cheryl said…
Just my thoughts....I can't believe there has not been a bigger out flow of "Praise God", from the lives that have been and will be changed from the work of the Holy Spirit.
Also to Thank Pastor Russ once again for standing in faith, listening to God's Will and being there to help when/where you are told.
Thank you Pastor for truly being the man of God that you are.
You are always honest, even if it isn't what we want to hear, it may be what we need to hear.
My life has changed just since I've become a member of FFWC.

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