Salvation is Messy

Fast forward to one year later.

That’s how long Noah and his family lived on the ark. It had to be challenging to say the least. Tight quarters. Smelly animals. The rain!!! But remember, that all of this is a good thing. For to be on the outside of the ark - well . . .

Sometimes we think more about our comfort than we do about our goal. A sense of entitlement that not only we deserve to be saved, but we deserve to be saved in style! The thing that we miss is, salvation is messy. It was messy for Noah - and it was messy for Jesus. Faith demands that we put God before our comfort or our need to “look good”.

What are you going through right now? Is it messy? It isn’t comfortable? Yet is it taking you where you need to go. People everywhere make religions for the purpose of serving themselves (and I am not bashing denominations). You can do it in a Catholic church or a non- denominational church. It’s about your relationship with Jesus. Are you willing to do what the old song says, “I’ll go where you want me to go, dear Lord. I’ll be what you want me to be. . . . “