Getting Closer to God

Ezekiel 37:1-14 verse 5 ... Then you will know that I am the LORD.’”

Everyone wants credit where credit is due. When I was young it use to really irritate me when someone took credit for what I did. As I got older, I got over it - but not before I understood this truth. I cannot do anything that God doesn’t first empower me to do. In other words, God is the one who gets the credit - not I.

God wants you to praise Him for what He has done in your life. There is nothing selfish or rude about this. Think about it! When a child goes to a parent and tells them thank you for fixing their toy or helping them with their homework - they are praising them for their action in their life. (In fact, I think that children should be taught to be as grateful as possible about everything they have and do - this would seriously impact their entitlement mentality.)

God wants you to know that - HE DID IT! Why? So that you not go around and tell everyone, I DID IT. Taking credit for what God did in your life is the same as saying, “I am God!!” Now I don’t know many people who would deliberately say that, but none the less - we do it. Give God credit for what He has done in your life today. Then thank Him for it. Your life, your family, your job - whatever you hold dear and count as valuable in your life - remember God provided it.


Cheryl Cerrato said…
Just a personal testimony to this blog: This is something I was taught as a child, since my Mother was a Sunday School teacher!
However, though the years of Bible studies I'm sure we all have heard the verse "You can do nothing without God".
These things together have kept me humble to the Glory of God's goodness, which has (and to be totally honest, maybe not every time)always kept me thankful and I've told him so, no matter what it is or where I am.
I just hope as Christian's we all remember whatever it is, it is to Gos's credit and be Thankful!
Cheryl said…
Sorry, I meant "God's Credit"...
Misspelling doesn't count - does it?

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