Getting Closer to God

I know that we have all thought this at one time or another. God are you there? I don’t blame you for feeling this way - it’s in our nature to think that God isn’t there. Sin separates us from God - but Jesus reconciles us back to Him.

Past that though - is God’s hand on you? Well the short answer is, yes! But how can this happen?
#1 - Ask God to be the most important part of your life. It isn’t that you are throwing your family or future under the bus. But you are asking Him to lead you, your family and your future in His will.
#2 - Submit to His leadership in your life. God leads through His Word - the Bible. He leads through those He calls and empowers to lead through His church - pastors, teaches and more. He leads through the Holy Spirit - who will speak directly into your life. He leads through the Godly relationships that you have in your life. Real Christians really talk to each other.

God’s hand is on you. If you think that it isn’t, ask Him to show Himself to you today. I know that He will be more than happy to do so. But if you ask, pay attention! You will be surprised how He does it.


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