Building An Ark?

Genesis 6: 22 Noah did everything just as God commanded him.

Some of you might be thinking, “Well what choice did he have? Build the boat or drown, hmmmm.” Not a tough choice is it? But I think that his motivation was a little bit more than just survival.

Obeying God was more than just taking orders. It was an act of love and faith. For 100 years he practiced his faith in public. I am sure that people would come by and wonder what “crazy Noah” was up to. Building a ship in the middle of the desert. (I’ve included a picture of a actual sized replica someone built recently.,) Odd to say the least. But the ship was more than a ship. It was a memorial to Noah's faithfulness. While people thought that he was nuts! He did what God commanded him.

What are you building as a memorial to your faith? You don’t have to go out and start building a ship in your backyard. But what ship are you building that tells the world of your faith in God? We will get into some faithful ship building tomorrow.


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