What's your dream?

Genesis 37:5 5 Joseph had a dream . . .

No doubt, dreamers have changed this world. They have brought peace and war. They brought good and bad. Dreamers have had a impact on your life and those of your family. Think about it. The power of one person is awesome and scary.

Josephs brothers were angry about what their younger brother would dream. That one day he would rule over them. That wasn't’ the natural order of things. The oldest brother would be charged with the leadership of the family. The other brothers would follow his lead. Joseph wasn’t just a dreamer, he was a threat.

What they didn’t realize was that his dreams were God given dreams. That Joseph wasn’t alone in this adventure. But that there was another dreaming along side with him - God.

When your dreams are God given - they may seem impossible - improbable and out of this world. But a dream can become a reality when God is in it. So how does your dream become a reality in your life? #1 - Realize that your dream is going to bring you closer to Him.

God given dreams always have a powerful impact on the dreamer. The dreamer will discover new things about themselves and their world through the eyes of God. As they seek God’s help to fulfill the dream - they are going to change. The dream is going to change how they think, act and behave. The person who had the dream will not be the person who realizes the dream. The question is - are you willing to change?