Stand Still And Know!!!

Exodus 14:14 - The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”
Here is the “be still” stuff again. But I want to focus on “The Lord will fight for you...” Why? You might ask. IF you have entrusted Jesus with your life and IF you have asked Him to forgive you of your sins and IF you are trying your best to live a life that’s all about Him and not so much about you - THEN that means you take the contract that God has entered into you with VERY seriously.

What am I talking about? Well I don’t have enough space in this blog to explain everything. But here are the highlights. God has entered into a eternal contract with you. In that contract is states that your enemies are God’s enemies and God’s enemies are your enemies. Fortunately you have the same enemy. Satan. But when you entrusted Jesus with your life - God became a active part of your defense - defending you against Satans schemes and plans.

The reason why you can stand still is simple. Just like a big brother steps in and fights a fight for a younger sibling. God will step in and do what you can’t do. Defeat your enemy.