Victory is the Lords!

Exodus 14: 23 The Egyptians pursued them, and all Pharaoh’s horses and chariots and horsemen followed them into the sea.
I have to say - Pharaoh’s pride was over the top. If you were commanding an army and a pillar of fire came down out of heaven and stopped you from pursing your goal. If you saw the sea open and your enemy was getting away because of this awesome miracle. If you had already been subjected to 10 plagues that had devastated your country. Do you think it’s a good idea to follow your enemy into the Red Sea? The answer is - NO!

But Pharaoh did just exactly that. Remember that Satan will ALWAYS overplay his hand against you and your family. He will always go one step to far, do one to many things, he will always push it just a little to far. He can’t stop himself. As I write this for Satan and all the demons to read, it still doesn’t change anything.

Satan is so bloodthirsty and so greedy, it’s his Achilles heel. When Pharaoh should have just retreated and waiting for another day - he pushed it to far. The Israelites were safe, once and for all. They knew when they had left that place, Egypt would never chase them down again.

PS tomorrow is Thanksgiving Sunday here at FFWC. We would love for you to attend! After service we will enjoy a great Thanksgiving Dinner together. Make your plans now!!

Your enemies will be defeated. They will go away. They will be silenced. There is a day coming when they will never chase you down again. I’m not just speaking eternally. I’m talking about right now. Victory isn’t a distant dream. Victory is for TODAY!


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