A Dream Worth Going On

Genesis 37:5 5 Joseph had a dream . . .

Dreams, to us, are just that dreams. But what happens when a dream becomes an calling! A goal of life? Most people will look at a “dreamer” and call them “crazy”! “Good luck with that!!” As they walk away shaking their head in disbelief.

Every once in a while, a dreamer makes good on what they promise. All the head shakers and disbelievers smile in surprise.

Having a God given dream - a goal to achieve - a vision to fulfill is a wonderful and powerful thing. God leads and you follow. He provides as you need. But the fulfillment of the goal isn’t the grandest thing to experience, but pleasing God is. It is wonderful that He wants us to go on these adventures with Him.

I have to wonder though. . . . Ever been on a flight where most of the plane was almost empty? I have. It is a different experience. The flight attendants are more relaxed. The captain is a little more chatty on the intercom. It’s a trip is actually fun. Well dreams can be a lot like that to. We can be stern and starch in our approach to our dreams - people will get on the plane, get their diet coke, bag of peanuts and complimentary napkin. You will land at your destination and get the obligatory “bye, bye” from a steward.

Or you can make it an enjoyable fun experience for everyone. A dream to remember!! One that people would like to go on again if you ever decided to do so. So what are you dreaming today?