Ark Building

There had to some satisfaction in building the ark. It is a masterpiece after all. But I’m sure that Noah was also lamenting the loss of mankind. That he was going to be charged with the reboot of mankind. He was charged with the survival of God’s holy unit - the family. Then he, through his family, were to redirect the course of mankind.

He did all these things and more. The question is, can you do the same?

The ark you build is your faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.
Are you building an ark that your family would like to be on?
Are you instilling your faith in your children, so they will not act like the world?
Are you offering safe passage to anyone who would like to be saved?
Is your ark built the way God told you to build it?

Good thing that Noah wasn’t a cheap contractor. Or none of us would be here today. Faith isn’t easy nor is it cheap. But it is worth it.


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