Are You Spoiled?

Take about getting closer to God the hard way! In Genesis 37 we read about a young man named Joseph. No matter how hard he tried to do everything right, he was treated as if he had done everything wrong. Ever feel like that?

We pick up the story where as a 17 year old “young man” he was the favorite of his father Jacob. First of all, as any parent can tell you, favoritism will always cause BIG problems in the family. It causes other siblings to harbor jealously. It also stunts the “favored” child. They may be the favored, but their plan is to ride on the coat tails of their parents for the rest of their life. It’s a plan, but a very BAD one!

God has something VERY important planned for Joseph. But he was never going to be able to achieve it where he was at. Dad wasn’t going to let him grow up (he spoils him) and his brothers were never going to accept him (because he is spoiled).

What are you going through today. So many times we look at our circumstances and situations from a short term point of view. Have you ever asked God if what you are going through serves a bigger purpose and plan for Him? Does it seem fair? Well that depends on your definition of fair. If fair to you is about being treated the way you want to be treated, then no - life isn’t fair. But if fair is what God does in and through your life to keep you close to Him. Then it is fair. Think about it.


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