Praising to your Blessing

We live in the most depressed, pessimistic culture ever in the history of mankind. We have never felt so bad about our future than we do right now. Just about the time that we think things can't get any worse, well . . .

That's why we need to praise God. Praising God is VERY important to us as Christians. The Bible tells us to give Him thanks, it tells us to worship Him and that we are praise Him.

Hebrews 2:12 He says, "I will declare your name to my brothers; in the presence of the congregation I will sing your praises." (NIV)

Praise messes with everything that isn't designed to praise and honor God as King of all kings. (READ THAT AGAIN) This world doesn't recognize or honor God. Our praise really confuses them. Satan isn't going to honor God. So our praise really messes with his plans against us. Praise elevates us in the presence of God. That messes with our depressed idea about ourselves and our lives.

Praise is going to demand that we give up certain attitudes and emotions that refuse to glorify God. It will demand that we forgive people who have offended and hurt us - choosing to honor God above our need to hurt them. Praise celebrates what Jesus did for us on the cross and demands that we give up our victim mentality that would serve as our idol against Him.

Do the people who we call friend praise God? Are the words from their mouths glorifying Him, His church, His people, His will and His Kingdom? Or would they rather complain about the church - it's leadership and it's people. Do they spend more time finding fault in God and His kingdom (that's us) than they do praising God.

Here is an interesting fact. You can't do both. God gets all the glory, honor and praise. Sure there are people who will fail us - they even fail God. But that doesn't make them the poster child of Christianity. No - Jesus is our example, He is our salvation, He is our hope and He is the one and only that we praise.

Don't listen to the likes of those who call themselves Christians and then destroy them, the church and it's leadership with their words.

We are to worship God - do His will in and through our lives and as much as it depends on us, live at peace ( without conflict) with one another.


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