I'm Blessed, I'm Blessed, I'm Blessed!!!

This sunday concludes the series - The Blessed Life. I have to tell you that many people have told me what a powerful effect this has had on their life. The Word of God does do that to us - doesn't it. So I will see you at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. (9:30 for Elevate 1 - Wired for Worship)

But why would I say that I am blessed? That's simple. When I live by God's will - I don't have to live by man's opinion. I am released from a lot of guilt and condemnation when I do that.

I am blessed enough to believe - that my marriage and family exist because God willed it. That family is great - not because I say so - but because God says so.
I am blessed enough to believe - that God has a plan and a hope for FFWC! That this church is AWESOME - and I do love this church!
I am blessed enough to believe - God is my champion - my fortress - my deliverer. That no plan against me shall prosper.
I am blessed enough to believe - That praising God is better than griping and complaining. That praise can change my life and that my heart is the better for it.