I Am Blessed

I know that a pastor talking about Pastor Appreciation Day seems a little self serving. However, so many of you read my blog in order to stay up to date with FFWC - I felt that I needed to at least say something.


The reason why I bring this up is simple. One of the reasons why I am blessed is because I have a church family that loves me and my family. True, this family is always changing as people come and go for various reasons. Just like any of our families, we're not perfect - but we do love, accept and forgive each other - as best as we can.

This Sunday is going to be great day and I hope to get to see you there!


Deana said…
We do love you Pastor Russ, thanks for all you do to teach us God word. It will be a great Sunday come ready to worship God and show everybody just why God has called you! i was thinking it might be time for another challenge ..remember flip flop..

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