How to Be Blessed!

Last Sunday, I have to say, was one of the most powerful services I had been in a long time. But why was that?

#1 - Two of our praise and worship leaders had just come back from a powerful conference. When you are in the presence of God before you come to church - it really BLESSES you.

#2 - We had reached out to hundreds of children and thousands of people with the message that God loves them and that we do to! - Anytime that you show love - it really BLESSES you.

#3 - The Word of God was powerful, redemptive, life changing and empowering. When you come and receive what God has in store for you - it really BLESSES you.

#4 - The church, as a whole, had a giving attitude. We gave through worship, prayer, fellowship and fiscally. Giving is very powerful - it really BLESSES you.

#5 - People were praying before church about what was going to happen in church. Prayer really BLESSES you.

So preparing to worship before you worship - giving - prayer - ministry - outreach and the Word of God really BLESSES you. So what are you going to do today that will BLESS you?