Blessed People Put God First

How do you measure if God is first in your life? Not that easy is it. I can tell you from experience that I have thought that I was putting God first, only to find out that is wasn't. Putting God first is a DAILY choice. If you don't make it, something else will choose to take God's place for you. Believe me - it happens every time.

Just because we believe in God doesn't mean that we put Him first. Just because we go to church doesn't mean that we put Him first. When we CHOOSE to put Him first is when we put Him first. I know, to simple isn't it. But just because you go to a football game doesn't mean you like football. But the guy in the front row, who has painted his body the colors of his team. Who is standing on his chair, rooting for his team - well you can tell he made a choice, didn't he?

No your family isn't going to be neglected, nor is your career going to be destroyed. But life will be put into perspective. That which was important is going to be replaced with something better. That which was want will be replaced with what He wants. Your life will change and your family, career and future will be the better for it!

So how do you measure if God is first in your life? You probably already know, and if you don't - think about it. It will come to you!


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