The Blessed Life

Tomorrow we kick off the The Blessed Life series at Faith Family Worship Center at 10:30 a.m. Elevate 1 is at 9:30 a.m. and we are starting Wired for Worship. If you want to connect to God in a real way, you will enjoy this - A LOT!

Someone asked me once, "Why is it so hard to live a Blessed Life?" Well here are a few thoughts.

1) We assume that blessing = easy. Never, anywhere is it ever declared that blessing = easy.
2) We don't know what a blessing is - therefore we are chasing the wrong thing or ever worse - nothing.
3) Counterfeit competition. This world offers you a lot of options that are nothing more than counterfeits of God's blessings.
4) Assuming. We assume that the way we think it should go is they way it will go. Wrong!

Discover more about living a blessed life this Sunday and through the whole month of October. I can tell you that each Sunday is a new revelation of how God can be even more real in your life everyday.


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