Be A Blessing

One of the things that many people don't understand about being blessed is that it requires you to be a blessing. As author and pastor Robert Morris says. "We give to give, we don't give to get." In other words we desire to be a blessing more than we want to be blessed. Odd, I know.

But as Christi Brummitt said last night in the Marriage Enrichment Seminar - "When you focus on giving to your spouse, then your selfish need to receive has to fade away." Let's put it another way - you are happier when you give. (FYI - you missed a AWESOME marriage seminar yesterday!)

We don't live in a giving culture. Oh we do community service - we want to be greener and safer. We want to stamp out poverty. Make quality health care available to everyone. We want to make sure every child has a toy for Christmas and more. But that doesn't make us givers!! Are you thinking, "What do you mean?"

Why do you give? What makes you a genuine giver? Giving is a Godly principle, not a worldly one. We don't give to sooth our conscience or to to find relief from our guilt. We give because God asked us to. This doesn't mean that we should go out, sell everything and give it to the poor - unless (yes there is an 'unless') - Jesus asks us to do so. That's the difference between a worldly attitude about giving and a Godly one. The world has limits - God doesn't.

Tomorrow I will continue with The Blessed Life - God's Blessings for the Giver. Discover what God has promised to you, because God keeps His promises. Faith Family Worship Center - 9:30 a.m. Elevate 1 Wired for Worship. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m.


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