Where Were You on 9/11

It was a Tuesday morning and I was running late to go to church for the day. Betty was staying home that morning, doing laundry and cleaning house. I heard her from the living room say that a plane had just flew into the World Trade Center. I thought that was very odd, so I stopped and watched. The newscaster said that he thought it was a DC - 9 or something that had hit the tower. I knew immediately that he was wrong - the crash was too large. I was confused and concerned. The first thought that ran through my mind was . . . this isn't an accident. In a few minutes I watched as the second place struck the second tower. Horrified I knew that we were under attack.

Where were you on 9/11? Let us know.


R. Shurr said…
I was building two office buildings for defense contractors, within throwing distance of NSA headquarters outside D.C. It wasn't long before Federal special ops teams closed down and secured my sites. Fighters overhead, Military everywhere. It was thought that NSA might be one of the intended targets. After getting home that night, we could see smoke from the Pentagon and fighters patrolling near Camp David. Surreal time!

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