When God Gets Your Attention

My wife and staff have been telling me for weeks to take some time off. Wish they would have said it sometime during the summer, that would have been easier. But none the less, I was thinking about it. Then a small revolt came to my attention last weekend. Because it was my birthday week, take Mon - Thurs off. Again, a nice idea - but practically it just wasn't possible.

I hadn't felt good during the Experience Conf, or weekend services. But I muscled my way through it and took Monday off. Then it started. The pain in my back. I know this pain. Oh no! Well I laid down and the pain stopped. God had answered my prayer. Got up Tuesday morning and discover God hadn't answered my prayer, but instead I needed to go to the ER. Kidney Stone #4.

Now Kidney Stones 1 - 3 were passed in hours. But number 4? Well it took me on a trip through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Hmmm! Do you see the similarities here? Now I am not accusing my wife or my staff of collusion with God. I am accusing God of making me take a few days off whether I wanted to or not.

During those three days I slept more than I have ever slept. (That was probably due to the drugs.) And God spoke to me about a few things that He needed to say. (That was definitely not due to the drugs.)

After Prayer and Pancakes last night I have to say that I feel good - still a little sore (FYI - if you have never had a Kidney Stone. Go outside, lay down and let someone park the front wheel of their car on your kidney. That might come close!) But I feel good about life, FFWC and our future. God is in Control!!!

And now that I have recovered from my kidney stone - I will conclude my series tomorrow entitled, The Great Recovery.


Jo Royal said…
Ouch! Kidney stones are not high on my list of things to experience in the next few years - actually - make that ever!

Isn't it amazing how God can use all circumstances to speak to us - and somehow manages to get our attention - even when we are so determined to keep ourselves busy! Love it :)

Speedy recovery!