How Blessed Are You?

Are you blessed? Of course you are!! But blessing the way you see it and the way God sees it may vary.

People think that if they have fulfilled the American Dream, if their peers crown them successful, if they are healthy and living in the right community with the right job and the right friends that they are "blessed".

Well, to be quite honest, you are probably not blessed. Behind closed doors there are addictions, divorce, rebellion and pain. Bankruptcy lurks around the house every month. The simple things in life like joy, happiness and hope are all but a distant dream.

Now am I saying that well to do people cannot have a blessed life? Absolutely not! But don't stereotype people. The rich and the poor have the same problems. The difference is, one is rich and one is poor. Deep - I know.

When we live under God's blessings, life takes on a whole new meaning. Blessing isn't about status nor comfort. Blessing is doing God's will in your life.

Hold it? I thought blessing is about what I should get, not about what I should give? Ah! The problem revels itself. We think that we deserve the blessings for God for what we have done, only to find out - we haven't done anything yet! Hmmm!

All through the month of October - I challenge you to discover what it really means to have a blessed life. Don't assume - discover. Sunday's @ 10:30 a.m. - Faith Family Worship Center