Blessings vs. Cursing

I said cursing - not cussing. There is a difference.

Many people confuse life with curses. Life isn't fair and it isn't going to treat you fairly. That is a fact and you can't change that. (Hint: It's a Garden of Eden problem.) So when life treats us unfairly - we think that God is cursing us. Now I am here to tell you that you are at least going to think this. After all, God promised right? Right! But what did He promise? That is what confuses a lot of folk.

God promised to be there for us when life wasn't fair. He sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins and to provide for our needs. If life isn't hurting us - if Satan isn't trying to destroy us - if sin isn't eating away at our lives, then we think that we are blessed! Really! All I would call that is a coffee break.

When life and hell are doing it's best against you - that's when the blessings of God will come through for you. God provides because there is a need. Because you call upon Him and trust Him with your life. Because He wants to be glorified through your life.

So what is a curse? - When God stops blessing you. Oooo that's going to get ugly.

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