Am I Blessed?

Blessedness isn't a state of mind nor your position in life. Too many people measure their "blessedness" to determine whether they are blessed. When they come up short, they complain to God. When they determine they are too blessed - ahhh, well that never happens.

Blessedness is a byproduct of ones relationship with Jesus. In the Old Testament the people lived under the law. In the New Testament we live under grace. So what does that mean?

If you are driving down the road at 110 miles an hour in a 45 mph speed zone. Sooner or later you will see blue lights. You will get pulled over and you will get a ticket. Why? You broke the law. The law doesn't care why you were speeding, you were doing it.

Under grace, you can drive 110 mph in a 45 and get away with it. Doesn't seem fair? Well here is the difference. Under the law you had to - Under grace you choose to. At the end of your run - you either pay the fine (Oh it's a fiery one). Or because you choose to follow Jesus' leadership for your life - you can finish your race well.

Now at sometime in your life, you did speed. Maybe a little or maybe a lot. You got caught by Satan. He didn't stop you, in fact he encouraged you to do it! But at the end of your race - he will accuse you of doing it. It's true, you were speeding!

It is at that time that Jesus' steps up and declares that you came to Him and asked Him to forgive you of speeding. That you gave your life to Him and that you have been driving the speed limit ever since. Jesus declares that He paid your fine already and that you don't have to pay it again.

All that energy used to drive at 110 mph was instead used to help those who were broken down along side the road. To help others understand that driving that way was going to end badly for them. To help others who couldn't help themselves. That's not only being a blessing to others - it's also the reason why you are blessed.

So the question today is - Are you speeding?

The Blessed Life starts this Sunday at FFWC. 10:30 a.m. See you then!