When Faith and Life Collide

There comes a moment in everyones life when faith and life crash into each other. Sometimes it happens without warning. A tragedy or emergency forces us to pray. Sometimes it gets our undivided attention and holds it until we make a decision. Sometimes it waltzs into our life and hangs out with us for as long as it takes until we become friends.

But know that faith and your life will collide.

What you do when this happens is what really defines who you will become. All of us want to be a better person - but requires an admission that says, "I'm not good enough today." That's a bit depressing, don't you agree? This begs another question. Will we ever be good enough?

That's what is so wonderful about faith. It takes us as we are and says, "That's good enough" I'm not purposing that we quit growing in our relationship with Jesus or quit learning His will for our lives. I am just saying that when you approach Jesus, your faulty, selfish, messed self - faith says, "That's good enough."

Why is this good enough? The answer is simple. Because you showed up! Many people never let their faith ever show up in their lives, then they wonder why God isn't in their lives. They work to be better, "gooder" people. But the reality is - they will never be good enough. Faith accepts you as you are - not to give you license to be something your not suppose to be - but to give you permission to become someone God wants you to be.

So let faith and your life collide. You'll be glad you did.


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