Sunday Afternoon Reflections

I thought today was AWESOME! Of course I am biased - any day with Jesus is awesome.

I have to admit. Todays sermon really hit home for me - I needed that. Many of you after service told me how it really blessed you! Praise God!

I think Anneka was a little excited up when she recited Hebrews: 11: 7 - 10. And you guys say I talk fast.

It was cool that her church family spent some time with her after church and celebrated her birthday. That was her idea - REALLY!

58 in church this morning! Can I get a AMEN!!

I think a lot of us had our attitude ELEVATED this morning!

The song that I sang at the end is entitled. "Declare The Name" and it is sung by the Brooklyn Tab. Choir. You can go to iTunes and get it if you want!

I think it was cool that Mike gave us all those Sunoco cards. He told me that some guy saved up all his savings and paid .38 for $20 of gas.

Monty and Catherine did an awesome job mowing the lawn this weekend! Thanks guys!

I am looking forward to next Sunday!!
#1 - I will finish the FOCUS series
#2 - Communion
#3 - Serve and Go 401 class will start at 3 p.m.
#4 - FPU starts! If you want to join the class - call Pastor Betty here at the church.


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