Sunday Afternoon Reflections


80 in church this morning. Thanks to everyone to came!

The new word around FFWC is (wait for it - wait for it) ELEVATE!!

Elevate 1 starts Sept 4th
Elevate 2 starts Sept. 7th

The biggest cheer during the announcements was Chicken Wings for dinner Wednesday night. Go figure!

FFWC loves you and wants you to ELEVATED to a new level in your relationship with Jesus!!

You can sign up for one of our ministry teams at

I love preaching, but I honestly didn't know it was a quarter after 12. The last time I looked at the clock it was 10 of and then I looked at it again 2 minutes later and it said 15 after. I know. I know.

Poor Randy - pie in the face. But Deana only won by 6 people. It was close!! Hey!! Where are the pics people!!!

I was great to pass out all those school supplies! God bless all the kids starting school tomorrow in Martin County!

Betty knocked it out of the park with "He is Faithful"

Great ready for next Sunday people! Jesus is in the house and He's doing a good thing at FFWC!!


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