Spontaneous Baptisms and other observations from Sunday.

Sunday was AWESOME!!

God did what God needed to do Sunday. That's what's so awesome about following the Spirit. You never know where He is going to lead you.

The Holy Spirit really talked to a LOT of people Sunday about what they are suppose to be doing for Him. Probably more than you know!

I didn't get to preach Sunday and I am REALLY ok with that!

Some people are already saying how they were healed yesterday!! PTL!!

It never ceases to amaze me how the Holy Spirit can do in 30 seconds what it would take me years to accomplish.

401 Class was awesome! I think some people discovered what God is up to in their lives. I am looking forward to talking to them soon!

FPU got off to a great start! If you didn't get to come yesterday - Let us know!! There is still room for you.

Took one of our young people out to the Jensen Beach Causeway to be baptized. Well, then another youth decided they wanted to be baptized too!

Then 3 people on shore, who go to another church, asked if we would baptize them too! OK!! God is too cool! He put us in the right place at the right time to do the right thing for Him.

Looking forward to starting ELEVATE 1 and two next week!