The new word is ELEVATE!

Today is Tuesday and I have to ask you if you remember Sunday!

I know, sometimes it doesn't even seem that what happens in church doesn't even matter. But it does! This Sunday was a BIG Deal for our future.

First of all it was Back To School Sunday. We got to bless a bunch of kids with new school supplies. Next year let's think bigger!

But in a month that traditionally is a downer for churches both financially and numerically, we were up - WAY UP! The final count for Sunday AM was 87! Easter we had 73! This is our biggest Sunday of the year - (So far!)

The offering was $2,000 (yes we need $3,000) but lets stay open to what God tells us to do! (story about that in another blog - soon.)

It is this churches vision to ELEVATE you - your marriage - your future - your life with Jesus - your relationship with FFWC - EVERYTHING!

But how can this happen to me? - you might ask. Well then I encourage you to keep reading this week. How can you get some lift under your life and be like Jesus wants you to be?


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