God Never Panics

A friend of mine wrote a book entitled: God Never Panics. You can order it here.

In the middle of the night, last night - this thought comes to me in my sleep. It woke me up!!! God Never Panics! I panic, people panic, this world will panic. But God never ever does.

Whatever my situation is - it isn't that God doesn't care how I feel - it isn't that God doesn't know the anxiety I have. He just isn't going to panic. I suppose we all would feel better if God was to tell us "Oh I am just as worried about this as your are - what are we going to do?" Then again, if God said that to me - I'd go right over the edge!! What do you mean God doesn't know what to do!?! He's God!! He always knows what to do!!

That is where your faith has to reside! God always knows what to do. But Pastor? What if I make a mistake and miss God?

First of all - nothing you do can derail God's plans for your life.
Secondly - pursue His plan. Don't get lazy and say "Whatever God!"
Thirdly - stick to the basics of faith. Prayer - Read the Bible - Fellowship with other believers - etc.

God wants to ELEVATE your life to His will! We already know what the destination is - not focus on the journey!


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