Focus on Faith

This morning I started a series entitled. FOCUS!

A lot of people live their life out of focus and don't know it. For example. If you go outside on a sunshiny day, look up into the sky (at nothing) and keep pointing and saying, "Do you see it!?!" Eventually people will gather around you and say, "I do! I do!" (Yes, I have done this.)

The world will tell you that it is your reality and what it say goes. It will just keep saying it until you believe it. That things like divorce and death - disease and destruction are your lot in life - that there is nothing that you can do to change this.

Well the problem with all of this is simple. Faith doesn't buy this line for a minute. Jesus said that He came to die on the cross for all our sins, all our diseases, for all out problems and desperate needs. He came to provide for us everything that we need (not necessarily everything we want.) He came to give us a REAL life so that we can REALLY live. The problem that we can have with all of this is - it's by faith.

Yup! There's the catch. Faith. Your dedication to live the life that Jesus said you can live - if you follow Him. It isn't blind nor is it stupid. But it is faith - which according to this world is blind and stupid. After all what can prayer do? What can the church do? What can God really do?

There comes a place and time when you have to cross over from this world into faith. Trying to keep you eyes on both will only make you crosseyed and confused. Let God have a real chance to change your life - I know that He will take it and you will be glad you did.


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