ELEVATE - with Faith

If you want to elevate your life, your relationship with Jesus, your church, your family and your future - you've got to believe!!

The question is . . . in what?

#1 - Always believe that you are going somewhere great. You probably don't like where you are at right now. But that doesn't mean you will always be here. Believe that God wants to take you better places.

#2 - Why? Better Because Jesus is your leader. Jesus doesn't do anything in your life without a good reason and purpose. If He takes something away - He will replace it with something better.

#3 - You are worthy to make the trip? Of course you are. You will discover while being elevated that God has prepare the way for your to be at the right place, at the right time to do the right thing for Him.

#4 - Don't be anxious about where you are going - get excited. Don't be afraid about where Jesus is leading you - get excited about it. When you go on a trip to a place you have never been before, it is exciting to experience something new!

#5 - Let your faith in Jesus lead you to do something for Him.

This Sunday - this was in the offering.

Yes, this is $100 in monopoly money.

It was given by this little girl.

Her name is Faith.

So Faith tells her mom to give this in the offering.

He mom politely explains to her that it isn't real money.

To which Faith replies. "But Jesus wants it!"

Who can argue with that?

Can you believe? With Faith?


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