Buy Out

All of us have experienced buy out. Our banks have been bought out - favorite stores - gas stations and more. Every time there is a buy out - there is a change in vision.

The Sears and Kmart buy out. A lot of people thought that Sears bought Kmart. It really was the other way around. It's no surprise that Sears is about to go under. The same governing philosophy that ran Kmart in the ground is now running Sears in the ground.

Bank A bought out Bank B - And when that happens - fee schedules change and it seems that anything that you do at the bank is going to cost you - dearly!

Fiat bought Chrysler - Chrysler who?

So what is a buy out - really?

The reason why you were banking or buying is because of their vision and mission as a company. Their vision could have been cheaper prices, good customer service, quality product - or whatever. But when the "new" company came it, they brought their vision, which if it isn't the same, will result in your buy out. Or in other words, you take your money elsewhere = buy out.

When you buy out - you leave and go elsewhere to find what you really want. These buy outs can cause feelings of frustration and anger, especially if you can't find what you once had. Does anyone remember the days when you use to get your windshield washed for free? I can barely remember - but alas - no more.

When you buy out of a church you need to stop and ask yourself - why?
#1 - Did relationships change? Maybe some people moved away and it doesn't seem the same anymore. Well, I have to ask if you really bought in to the vision and mission of the church in the first place. If the only reason why you attend church is to be with friends or family - there is a day and time coming when that will end.
#2 - Church isn't the same anymore. You really need to ask yourself if the vision and mission of the church really did do it's job in your life? If you have grown as a Christian there will come a time when what you were doing to grow as a Christian will change. You will need deeper and more intensive discipleship in your life.
#3 - I'm just not excited about church anymore? The first thing I would have to ask is, "How's your relationship with Jesus?" It may not be the church - it may be you! If you're not on fire for God - church will seem like a drag.

Do you know the vision of your church? If you don't - ask! Believe in what spiritual leadership believes in. It is the road paved just for you - that leads to your spiritual success and stability.


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