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When God Messes You Up!

When we allow God into our lives - believe me when I say that he is going to mess you up. I don't mean that in a bad way, just saying. Think about people in the Bible like Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, the Apostles and Paul. One day and BOOM everything changes. This may be happening in your life and your thinking, "Is this a good thing?" Jacob wrestle with God and walked with a limp for the rest of his life. Joseph went from favored son to slave in a few hours. Moses was a shepherd who became a prophet and prime ministers of Israel. David was tending sheep and then at a moments notice was anointed King. The Apostles were fishing, collecting taxes and stuff, then they followed Jesus one day. Paul was on a road, then he was blind. Get it? Drastic things will happen. But if you are looking for drastic changes in your life, what did you expect? God has to do some MAJOR work to each of these people in order to get them ready for His plan. So

When God Has A Plan

How do you know that God has a plan and that you're on it? - God's plans will overwhelm you. And think about this! You still don't know everything about His plan for your life. - God will send provision as you need it - not before. - God will rewire your brain. His plan doesn't fit in how you think. - God will re-prioritize your priorities. - You will talk to God more than you ever have in your whole life. - One day you will realize that God is doing it all and that He allowed you the privilege to go along on the ride. - For everything that you go though - this is worth it all. There are probably more - but that's what I am feeling like today.

Spontaneous Baptisms and other observations from Sunday.

Sunday was AWESOME!! God did what God needed to do Sunday. That's what's so awesome about following the Spirit. You never know where He is going to lead you. The Holy Spirit really talked to a LOT of people Sunday about what they are suppose to be doing for Him. Probably more than you know! I didn't get to preach Sunday and I am REALLY ok with that! Some people are already saying how they were healed yesterday!! PTL!! It never ceases to amaze me how the Holy Spirit can do in 30 seconds what it would take me years to accomplish. 401 Class was awesome! I think some people discovered what God is up to in their lives. I am looking forward to talking to them soon! FPU got off to a great start! If you didn't get to come yesterday - Let us know!! There is still room for you. Took one of our young people out to the Jensen Beach Causeway to be baptized. Well, then another youth decided they wanted to be baptized too! Then 3 people on shore,

Earthquakes - Hurricanes and Stock Markets Oh My!!

Matthew 24:7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. THE END!! Well, not quite the end - but close!! Jesus told us that He is going to come back. Paul verifies it in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 16 For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. THE END!! Well, not quite the end - but close!! The Tribulation then goes on for 7 years followed by Armageddon. THEN END!! Well, not quite the end - but close!! Then we reign over the earth for 1,000 years - The Millennial Reign!! THEN END!! Well, not quite the end - but close!! Then we live in the new heavens and new earth with Je

God Never Panics

A friend of mine wrote a book entitled: God Never Panics. You can order it here. In the middle of the night, last night - this thought comes to me in my sleep. It woke me up!!! God Never Panics! I panic, people panic, this world will panic. But God never ever does. Whatever my situation is - it isn't that God doesn't care how I feel - it isn't that God doesn't know the anxiety I have. He just isn't going to panic. I suppose we all would feel better if God was to tell us "Oh I am just as worried about this as your are - what are we going to do?" Then again, if God said that to me - I'd go right over the edge!! What do you mean God doesn't know what to do!?! He's God!! He always knows what to do!! That is where your faith has to reside! God always knows what to do. But Pastor? What if I make a mistake and miss God? First of all - nothing you do can derail God's plans for your life. Secondly - pursue His

Sunday Afternoon Reflections

I thought today was AWESOME! Of course I am biased - any day with Jesus is awesome. I have to admit. Todays sermon really hit home for me - I needed that. Many of you after service told me how it really blessed you! Praise God! I think Anneka was a little excited up when she recited Hebrews: 11: 7 - 10. And you guys say I talk fast. It was cool that her church family spent some time with her after church and celebrated her birthday. That was her idea - REALLY! 58 in church this morning! Can I get a AMEN!! I think a lot of us had our attitude ELEVATED this morning! The song that I sang at the end is entitled. "Declare The Name" and it is sung by the Brooklyn Tab. Choir. You can go to iTunes and get it if you want! I think it was cool that Mike gave us all those Sunoco cards. He told me that some guy saved up all his savings and paid .38 for $20 of gas. Monty and Catherine did an awesome job mowing the lawn this weekend! Thanks guys! I

ELEVATE - with the Holy Spirit

Lift is a key word when it comes to flying airplanes. Without it, the next word is CRASH! Without lift you cannot elevate a airplane above the ground. There has to be wind under the wings. So where does your lift come from? “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a mighty rushing wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting . . . and they were all filled with the holy spirit.” – Acts 2:1,2,4 The Holy Spirit is here to give you the lift that you need in order to ELEVATE your life. That is His job! To guide, lead, direct, teach and intervene in your life. All for the purpose of elevating you. Think of it this way. The Holy Spirit convicted you of your sins - you repented and were ELEVATED to a relationship with Jesus. The Holy Spirit counsels and corrects you - you respond to his leadership and you are ELEVATED in life. The Holy Spirit guides you and

ELEVATE - with Faith

If you want to elevate your life, your relationship with Jesus, your church, your family and your future - you've got to believe!! The question is . . . in what? #1 - Always believe that you are going somewhere great. You probably don't like where you are at right now. But that doesn't mean you will always be here. Believe that God wants to take you better places. #2 - Why? Better Because Jesus is your leader. Jesus doesn't do anything in your life without a good reason and purpose. If He takes something away - He will replace it with something better. #3 - You are worthy to make the trip? Of course you are. You will discover while being elevated that God has prepare the way for your to be at the right place, at the right time to do the right thing for Him. #4 - Don't be anxious about where you are going - get excited. Don't be afraid about where Jesus is leading you - get excited about it. When you go on a trip to a place you ha

The new word is ELEVATE!

Today is Tuesday and I have to ask you if you remember Sunday! I know, sometimes it doesn't even seem that what happens in church doesn't even matter. But it does! This Sunday was a BIG Deal for our future. First of all it was Back To School Sunday. We got to bless a bunch of kids with new school supplies. Next year let's think bigger! But in a month that traditionally is a downer for churches both financially and numerically, we were up - WAY UP! The final count for Sunday AM was 87! Easter we had 73! This is our biggest Sunday of the year - (So far!) The offering was $2,000 (yes we need $3,000) but lets stay open to what God tells us to do! (story about that in another blog - soon.) It is this churches vision to ELEVATE you - your marriage - your future - your life with Jesus - your relationship with FFWC - EVERYTHING! But how can this happen to me? - you might ask. Well then I encourage you to keep reading this week. How can you get some li

Sunday Afternoon Reflections

WHAT AN AWESOME DAY! 80 in church this morning. Thanks to everyone to came! The new word around FFWC is (wait for it - wait for it) ELEVATE!! Elevate 1 starts Sept 4th Elevate 2 starts Sept. 7th The biggest cheer during the announcements was Chicken Wings for dinner Wednesday night. Go figure! FFWC loves you and wants you to ELEVATED to a new level in your relationship with Jesus!! You can sign up for one of our ministry teams at I love preaching, but I honestly didn't know it was a quarter after 12. The last time I looked at the clock it was 10 of and then I looked at it again 2 minutes later and it said 15 after. I know. I know. Poor Randy - pie in the face. But Deana only won by 6 people. It was close!! Hey!! Where are the pics people!!! I was great to pass out all those school supplies! God bless all the kids starting school tomorrow in Martin County! Betty knocked it out of the park with "He is Faithful" Great re

Fill A Pew Sunday @ FFWC!

This Sunday is going to be a great day at FFWC! - We are going to bless all the kids, teachers, homeschoolers, and school support staffs that are going back to school. - We are giving away school supplies. - I am sharing a VERY important message about FFWC! - The key word for the day is ELEVATE!! - Randy and Deana are campaigning for you to sit on their side of the auditorium. The one with the fewest people will take a pie in the face! GREAT AND AWESOME WORSHIP! GREAT FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! See you Sunday at FFWC!!!

Faith Elevates

From Abraham to John, every writer of the Bible saw something that didn't make sense. Something that could be comprehended nor understood. But they all had one thing in common. Vision. - Abraham saw a great nation. - Moses could see the promise land - Isaiah could see a coming Messiah - Jesus could see Him returning in the Rapture. - John could see the end of the world as we know it. (Ok, some things are just scary!) Does that kind of vision still exist today? YES IT DOES! While many movements and churches have determined that everything that can be known - is known. That everything that can be done - has been done. That there is nothing new to say or do. God is still placing vision in the hearts of those who want to see! How else can you explain a Reinhard Bonnke who envisioned millions of Africans accepting Jesus? How can you explain a Joel Osteen who envisioned tens of thousands of people in one church? How can you explain a David Yonggi Cho who founde

When Faith and Life Collide

There comes a moment in everyones life when faith and life crash into each other. Sometimes it happens without warning. A tragedy or emergency forces us to pray. Sometimes it gets our undivided attention and holds it until we make a decision. Sometimes it waltzs into our life and hangs out with us for as long as it takes until we become friends. But know that faith and your life will collide. What you do when this happens is what really defines who you will become. All of us want to be a better person - but requires an admission that says, "I'm not good enough today." That's a bit depressing, don't you agree? This begs another question. Will we ever be good enough? That's what is so wonderful about faith. It takes us as we are and says, "That's good enough" I'm not purposing that we quit growing in our relationship with Jesus or quit learning His will for our lives. I am just saying that when you approach Jesus, your

Buy Out

All of us have experienced buy out. Our banks have been bought out - favorite stores - gas stations and more. Every time there is a buy out - there is a change in vision. The Sears and Kmart buy out. A lot of people thought that Sears bought Kmart. It really was the other way around. It's no surprise that Sears is about to go under. The same governing philosophy that ran Kmart in the ground is now running Sears in the ground. Bank A bought out Bank B - And when that happens - fee schedules change and it seems that anything that you do at the bank is going to cost you - dearly! Fiat bought Chrysler - Chrysler who? So what is a buy out - really? The reason why you were banking or buying is because of their vision and mission as a company. Their vision could have been cheaper prices, good customer service, quality product - or whatever. But when the "new" company came it, they brought their vision, which if it isn't the same, will result in

The Sky Is Falling!!

Recent days would make one think that the sky is falling. Credit downgrade, riots in London, stock market dip, another recession. The news isn't doing us much good. The credit down grade isn't that big of a deal, really! There is more than meets the eye in the London riots. The stock market is being run by depressed people. Another recession? Did we ever finish the last one? I don't think so. But when people find something to panic about - the yelling and screaming will carry on! When panic sets in, it makes bad matters worse. So I would like to share with you a few reasons why the sky isn't falling today. The Bible says that Jesus is going to return someday. It's called the Rapture and that we will meet Him in the air. So there will be a sky to meet Jesus in someday. It can't fall. God has never been in nor will ever be in a recession. His credit will never be downgraded. His people will live well - in heaven - for all eternity

Focus on Faith

This morning I started a series entitled. FOCUS! A lot of people live their life out of focus and don't know it. For example. If you go outside on a sunshiny day, look up into the sky (at nothing) and keep pointing and saying, "Do you see it!?!" Eventually people will gather around you and say, "I do! I do!" (Yes, I have done this.) The world will tell you that it is your reality and what it say goes. It will just keep saying it until you believe it. That things like divorce and death - disease and destruction are your lot in life - that there is nothing that you can do to change this. Well the problem with all of this is simple. Faith doesn't buy this line for a minute. Jesus said that He came to die on the cross for all our sins, all our diseases, for all out problems and desperate needs. He came to provide for us everything that we need (not necessarily everything we want.) He came to give us a REAL life so that we can REALLY live. The proble