Sunday Night Reflections

Today was an awesome day at FFWC!!

Lots of people out for the holiday - but lots of guests today. It is SO GREAT to have guests at church.

The Sunday Series - "What's Up With The Jones'?" got off to a good start. I will be sharing how Betty and I avoided getting a divorce next Sunday. You will want to hear that story.

Primal got off to a good start today. That's at 9:30 a.m. If you want to rediscover the very core of the love of God for you life - you probably want to attend this Life Group.

It was great to see our friends Joe and Jenna today! Hope to have dinner with them this week. (Joe might want to start a kickboxing class here at the church -if you are interested, please let me know.)

The picnic was a success! Pastor Tom did an awesome job with today's picnic out at the park.

There is a pic floating around of me on a skateboard. You should have seen the look on the kids face when I asked to borrow it.

I am tired - and I feel good!! Praise God for great days that honor Him!!