My Fourth of July

Well how was your 4th? This is how mine went - blow by blow.

1 - Sleep in (Bad idea)
2 - Hear a cat meowing loudly (think that it is Latte, our cat - ignore it)
3 - Hear a cat meowing even louder. Recognize that this isn't my cat.
4 - Wife comes to wake me up and tell me "we have a problem."
5 - I advise her that "she has a problem" and I try to go back to sleep.
6 - She tells me that a cat (which she feeds) has climbed a tree next to the house - gone on the roof - pushed a piece of flashing back and crawled into the attic. That he has done this 4 times and has now fell through 4 pieces of flashing and returned to do it again.
7 - I am now fully awake.
8 - I suggest that she get the cat out of the attic before he falls down into a wall. I might have suggested that if such an event takes place, said cat would be quickly introduced to Jesus.
9 - Cat is now locked up in the garage.
10 - After assessing the aforementioned damages, a plan of action is now devised. Cut down the tree.
11 - After opening the garage door (thus releasing the cat) me, a saw and wife in tow go to said tree. The tree quickly disappears.
12 - I turn around to see said cat standing at the edge of yard with a confused look on his face. He then looks at another tree assessing its viability to gain access to the roof.
13 - I cut that tree down too.
14 - Out of frustration - third tree disappears (I just didn't like it)
15 - Trip to Home Depot to get appropriate nails to fix said flashing.
16 - Fix first piece.
17 - Fix second piece. (A little harder)
18 - Fix third piece. (Really hard!)
19 - Fix the original piece which allowed him to gain access in the first place. It is located under an eve, where two different angles of roof join together, next to the edge of the roof with 6 inches of room to work with. (I should have fulfilled my promise at step 8)
20 - Mow and weed eat yard.
21 - Call it a day and go watch some fireworks.

So how was your fourth?

This mornings report. There was a cat standing where there was once a tree - meowing loudly and walking around the house trying to figure a way up there. He can protest all he wants to - just stay out of my attic!!


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