Family Is Everything - Really?

In our busy schedules, we need to ask ourselves if we make quality time for our families. The key here is Quality and how you define it. Just spending time with them is great - but what do you do during that time? Recreation and fun are a good idea. But what about investing your heart and life into your children. There is something called "teachable moments" that we need to take the time to enjoy.

When something happens in your families life - stop everything and take a few moments to teach a life principle. These moments we will remember for a long time. But you children will remember for a lifetime. Things like forgiveness, charity, love and mercy are important. So is how to swing a hammer, check the oil in the car and remembering to put the toilet lid down are also life lessons.

After a Sunday service start practicing the following BEFORE lunch. Ask your kids what they learned today. Ask them what they didn't understand. Tell them what you learned today and how you are going to change because of it. Not only does this set the example for your kids - it helps you to lead their spiritual growth and life even better.

This Sunday is Family Day at FFWC. Enjoy a great day dedicated to God's greatest resource - your family.


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