Family Is Everything - Ouch!

John Maxwell speaking about relationships says, "When people do not like you, if they can they will hurt you. If they cannot hurt you, they will not help you. If they have to help you, they will not hope for you. If they will hot hope for you, even if you achieve, the victory is hollow."

That's so true about families. When a families ceases to function to love, accept and forgive - 3 keys to the existence of any spiritual group (Read Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness by Jerry Cook) then it gives up the possibility to succeed.

So many families struggle so hard to have peace, joy, love and hope. To see upcoming generations achieve greater things than the previous generation. To see God shine through their lives into a world that so desperately needs Him.

But if we cannot focus on and achieve healthy, stable relationships within our family - they will hurt us - they will give up on us - they will stop supporting you - they will not celebrate with you even when you have achieved great things. It is as if you never even existed.

Children so desperately want the support and approval of their parents (teens too) and without it they become resentful and down right mean. But if parents don't have the capacity to show love, acceptance and forgiveness - then their best efforts will be vain. It's only when we discover Jesus - His love - His acceptance and His forgiveness in our lives that we can enjoy healthy and fruitful relationships within our own family.

This Sunday is Family Day at FFWC. I am looking forward to this wonderful celebration of God's gift to us - family. Kids, youth and adults alike are going to have a great day. Life Groups at 9:30 a.m. and Morning Service at 10:30 a.m.


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