Family Is Everything - Almost

Before you think I have gone sacrilegious on you - read on. Family is everything as long as Jesus is more. Let me explain.

God created family and marriage. While our culture has determined that marriage and family is what you make of it - the reality is marriage and family is what God makes of it. If God isn't a part of the family and/or marriage, it's going to suffer.

That doesn't mean that everyone can't have a happy marriage or express love, joy and harmony. It simply means that they are missing a key aspect to their relationship that takes all of these things to the place that they are suppose to be.

This Sunday is Family Day at FFWC. I will take a few moments to share with the kids a sermon just for them. And I will also take time to share with everyone else some important things you need to know about marriage and family. We will enjoy family communion together. I am looking forward to praying over each and every family that day.

Remember a few things about your family.
#1 - God cares ALOT about you and your family. He created it - He does care.
#2 - God is counting on you and your family. He is counting on your faith becoming the faith of your children. Pass it on!
#3 - Performance relationships fail! So many marriages are a act. When we perform, we will eventually fail. Expectations are not met and people get hurt.
#4 - Faith based relationship succeed!! So we believe in each other through thick and thin. That is what our marriage vows were about. That we will have faith in each other, even at our worst.


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