Family Is Everything - 24/7

All of us like vacations. A break from the norm. Some time to relax and get away from the stresses of life. Yea, right! It seems that we need a vacation from our vacations. The reason is because we are so EPIC with our ideas. We can't just go to a theme park. We have to ride all the rides, see all the sights and do everything possible under the sun (and after it sets).

Sounds like everyday life to some of us. Our lives are so filled and packed with everything that needs to be done, there is little time for family. Everything is so EPIC! That's because everything, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING, is competing for your dollar, time and energy. The bigger the program, the better the team, the brighter the results get the attention that it needs. But at what expense?

After we raise our children, will we look back and say? "I really wish I hadn't done all that stuff and spent more time with my kids." I know that we all mean well and we want our kids to have the best. But the best thing that they should have first is their parents. And the most EPIC time you should spend with them is time building their character and life. If a coach or a teacher is spending more time with your kids than you - then who is really raising your kids?

This Sunday is Family Day at FFWC. I would love to see you and your family with us tomorrow. It's all about God and what He created! You and your family.