Casey Anthony Verdict

Everyone feels robbed because of todays verdict. The jury said, "Not Guilty". They didn't say - she didn't do it. All they said was that the prosecution didn't prove their case beyond a shadow of doubt. Now whatever opinion you have relevant to how each of the cases were presented - the fact is, the system did it's job. They found the crime, investigated it, singled out their suspect, presented their evidence to a jury and rendered a verdict. There are too many countries where this doesn't happen. There are too many places where justice is served by a person with an opinion and a gun. There a too many places where people don't have these rights.

Now you are probably not happy with the verdict. Neither am I. I have my opinions about the system and the people who manipulate it. My question is, How can you convict someone of lying to police about a crime they didn't commit? All of us got caught up in the media frenzy around this case. All of us saw the images on TV and the internet of a sweet child who deserved better. All of us needed someone to be found guilty.

It's hard for us to face the facts that we live in a cruel world. Where the innocence of a child isn't protected. But that is the fact that we have to face today. We also have to face the fact that justice may never be done in this situation. Only time will tell. Will the truth ever come out? Maybe. But for the time being we have to remember some very important facts.

Caylee is in the hands of God. Regardless of what has happened, Jesus is now taking care of her - she is better than OK.

God will not let this slide. There is a day and time coming when He will address this with the right person at the right place at the right time unless.....

...there is repentance. The blood of Jesus cleanses people of ALL sin. Even murder. Without this forgiveness, we couldn't be forgiven. Don't forget that.

My counsel in this matter is simple. Let the anger and frustration go. If you are going to be passionate about something. Be passionate about loving your children - don't expect perfection from them, expect their love and innocence. Don't get caught up in the lie that children are a burden. They are a joy, if you know how to enjoy them. Don't put yourself before your children. When selfishness possess all of you, the Casey's of your world suffer.


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