Winds of Change

Change is inevitable. Change is indisputable - it's going to happen. If there is one thing that will never change - it's change.

So how do you deal with change?

Fight it - You don't like what is happening and you have to do something about it! This addresses your values and attitudes. You only fight what threatens you in some way. Whether it is real or perceived. You need to ask yourself if the fight is worth it. Is the change taking place something that violates your core values - or are you just fighting something that you don't understand. Another reason why you might fight change is if you perceive that it diminishes or eliminates you. in that case, your survival skills will kick in - this is a BAD thing! It's this kind of thinking that leads to the ends justifying the means.

Ignore it - Denial still happens. Maybe if you don't pay attention to it - it might just go away. Completely ignoring change isn't acceptable. There are fads and trends through out our lives. Some good and some bad. If what you see is a fad - then it will probably fade away. Pay more attention to its results and address what needs to be addressed rather than fighting it. But sticking ones head in the sand and denying that there is a problem keeps you out of touch with reality. Without a real sense of faith and focus you cannot address change with a real sense of purpose or clarity. You will speak, but people will look at you funny.

Make it someone elses problem - Delegation is a beautiful thing when it is done right. The problem here is that you cannot delegate change. Sure someone else might understand the problem better than you. But if you simply delegate what you don't understand then you will never know if what they are doing the right thing.

Appease it - Making a peace treaty with change is much like taming a lion. It can be done as long as you give it your full undivided attention at all times. The moment you turn your back on it to do something else. OUCH! Change doesn't care what you think or how you feel or what it does. It's change - it has one goal - change. So you might be able to hold it off for a while - reduce it's impact on your life or that of your organization - even disguise it as something else - but in the end change is going to happen.

Applaud it - This isn't a bad thing to do if you are telling the truth and really do like the changes that have taken place. If you are lying - your future actions will bring you into conflict with it - (see fighting). If you really do like the changes that are taking place, then celebrate your victories.

Embrace it - Remember, change is inevitable. The question you have to ask yourself is, "Are you going to choose the change that takes place in your life or are you going to let it choose you?" If you are going to let change make your choices, then you give up the right to have any say in the matter. But if you choose to be part of the process then you are empowered to help guide it's future.

Tomorrow - the people of change.


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