When Things Aren't Going Your Way

This goes under the category: Not if, but when.

I was talking to someone yesterday who said something like, "I knew something bad was going to happen, everything was going to good." But they followed that statement with, "God knows how to keep me close to Him."

Believe it or not - Getting things to go "your way" isn't about getting God to do what you want Him to do. It's about the position of your heart and mind.

Paul told us to be content in every situation we find ourselves in. The Bible tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength.

So the question you have to ask yourself today is - despite the situation you are in at this moment, are you content? Do you have joy? You see, when we depend on our circumstances to make us content and happy - all we will end up is miserable and depressed.

Here is an adage you can use to start you day with - Being with the end in mind. When you determine that you will end your day content and joyful, you will place your day in the hands of God. When you determine that you are going to "make" today a good day - you will either fail and/or make everyone around you miserable and mad because of your crusade.


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