Types of Change.

Change you inherent. - Many times, especially for survival leaders, they inherent someone elses mess. The changes that someone else made that have brought the group or organization to its knees. While you don't have to take responsibility for making the mess, you do have to take responsibility for cleaning it up. Listen, don't make it personal. That causes bad attitudes and feelings toward others. Just clean the mess up and keep a sweet spirit about it.

Change you caused - This can go one of two ways. You probably guessed it. Bad or good. You can make bad changes and survive. You just can't make a string of bad decisions over a long period of time and get away with it.

I knew a pastor years ago who did just this. He followed a hugely successful pastor who had done a great job at the church. But he was determined to make the necessary changes to the church, administration, building and ministry that were going to be "Godly and holy". Well after a year the people had enough of "Godly and holy" and changed his address.

Good change is what you want. Change the builds momentum. Change that you can celebrate at any level. Change that cheers peoples hearts and yours too! If you are going to choose to change something, make sure you can see the good reason in it that others will embrace.

A couple of years ago I had a Sunday morning woman's class that quite honestly wasn't going all that well. It seemed to have peaked and wasn't growing. I had talked to teacher on more than one occasion about it. But no resolve. I paid for and put the teacher through teacher training. That didn't help. Finally push came to shove. After a couple of conversations with some students in that class, I pulled the plug on it. A short time later, the women of that class came to me and thanked me for making the changes that I did.

Change that is forced on you. This one is a tough one. Sometimes the world we live in changes - and we have to deal with it. Take 911 for example. That changed everything (and still is). Sometimes our world will force change on us. A layoff, an illness, a divorce - something we wasn't planning for. It is in those times that you will find out what you are really made of. Prepare for such events to happen. Sometimes it's personal. I have to many phone calls from someone who blurts out, "Pastor, they left me." "Pastor, I got divorce papers today - I don't know what to do." "Pastor, my child ran away." People hurt people and that changes everything.


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